UCAT ( UKCAT) is Happening this Year !

Adjusting to the adjustments – This year UCAT course will be delivered through LIVE online lessons. A bonus for many students who had to travel to Leicester from different cities across UK.


Live Online Course for UCAT Starts in JULY 2020.


What does the Course contain ?

  • Score Boosting Methods & Strategies .
  • Taught by renowned expert of Entrance Exams.
  • 20 Simulated Mock Timed Tests
  • Revision Material including Question Bank.
  • Online Timed & UnTimed Tests.
  • Personalised SWOT Report.
  • 10 Lessons covering various topics. Each Lesson 1.5 hours spread on different days of the week.

What makes these lessons special ?

Focus of this course is to be goal-intensive-(get you the highest score possible).

The student will be exposed to different strategies of Problem Solving

  • Speed Maths
  • Speed Reading
  • Back Track Methods
  • Elimination
  • Feed Strategy
  • Template Method
  • ‘SHOT-CUTs’
  • Time Management

and many more…..

These strategies help in faster problem solving and sometimes not even solving the questions to get to the correct answer. These methods help you ace the Timed-Entrance Exams(UCAT). Any amount of google search on these methods  will prove that these strategies are exclusive and being taught only at 6S Tutorials.


What would be taught in this course ?

This 3 week course of  10 lessons (Each Lesson 1.5 Hours) will be structured as follows

  • BEDROCK lessons focus on the reinforcing the fundamentals for each topic. Focusing on Speed Maths Techniques ,’SHOT-Cuts ‘and several other time efficient strategies.

Many of the Sub-tests questions in different sections of UCAT need to be answerd in less than 40seconds. Strategies and methods learnt in primary & secondary education are least efficient ways to problem solving in these timed entrance tests.

  • Q & A Lessons focus on doing different styles of  questions. These lessons discuss the various ways of how questions could be tackled in the most time-efficient way.

Many students sitting for these Entrance tests attempt questions in a very similar way like the GCSE or A-Level exam. These methods fail to boost the  score by limiting the number of questions attempted.

  • Exam Technique and Mental Conditioning.

Involves various exam techniques and preparation style and schedule.

  •  Simulated MOCK Test discussion.

These lessons cover the questions and answers from the various timed-online mock test provided to the students. These simulated MOCK Tests  help you to familiarise with the style and layout of questions in actual UCAT.


How will the lesson be conducted ?

All lesson will be conducted as Live online lessons using  ‘Zoom ‘.

When you register you will be sent a username and password for the lesson.


When will the lessons start ? Time Table ?

The lessons are more likely to start mid-July.  Registered students will be sent the schedule.

This is a 3 week course. Total of 10 lessons.


How do I register for the Free Trial ?

You can Call 0800 0488 808

Email : info@6stutorials.co.uk

Fill online form  ‘ Book a Trial Lesson’.


How do I pay for the Course ?

We can accept payments through Bank Transfer or Paypal.

All payments are made in advance for the course after your no obligation Free Trial.


What if i am unable to attend the lesson ?

You will be able to access the recordings of the lessons you missed.

However, there is a limit of only 2  lessons you can miss.

Special arrangements can only made in exceptional circumstances.

No Refund Policy  if you discontinue the program / course midway.


What if i only want to attend 6 lessons ?

Sadly, this is an inefficient practise. The course fee will still remain the same.


Will i get a refund if i am not able to attend all the lessons ?

No Refund policy if you are not able to attend the lessons in your course.