Ahmed – Beauchamp College Leicester
I have been to several tutors and returned unsatisfied and even more confused and disinterested in Maths and Science. Finally, one of our relatives recommended Mr Kapoor. I am truly thankful for his help throughout those 7 months for my GCSE preparations. I achieved a B in both and I am very satisfied with it, given Maths and Science are not my favorite subjects. He gave us a Question Bank and several tests 🙁 but I was amazed to see a lot many questions appeared in the Science and Maths exam from those practice tests and Question Bank . I would want him to help me for my A-Levels now. Thank you very much Mr Kapoor.
Baljinder Singh – Beauchamp College Leicester
I was recommended by my friends who were studying with you from GCSE. I joined 6S Tutorials in 2010 for my A-Level exams and crash course. At first i was not sure if group tuition was for me. I took the free trial lesson in Mr Kapoor’s group and omg omg omg i think he is the best teacher. He simplified the most complex topics in chemistry (entropy)and physics, which i never could understand. I received A in both. From January i started tuition in Maths also for my C3 and C4. I think The homework given was very vey exhausting but seems all the hard-work and shouting by sir paid off, i secured a place at Imperial College with A*A*A. Words are not enough to thank sir for my ”6S”. A million thanks sir.
Alap Gill – Beauchamp College Leicester
We would like to share with you that Alap got A* A A in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.She has got admission at UCL. We made sure to register and reserve a place for her with 6S Tutorials well in advance, given that we could not get admission during her GCSEs. Alap was very proud to be studying at 6S Tutorials, since some of her friends were declined admission. We as parents are very pleased to say that all your help throughout with the kids has been invaluable and hoping you continue with the great work you are doing.
Aadil R – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
Extremely grateful for your help for A-levels Maths,Biology and Chemistry. I have secured a place at Nottingham Uni. My only disappointment: had to be in the waiting list for 5 weeks. But it was worth the wait.Most astonishing part was that my predicted grade for Biology and Chemistry was a C and ended up getting A in both. The mock tests given were extremely helpful found a lot of similar questions in the exam.
Shivani Goswany – Beauchamp Colelge Leicester
I am very glad to share that I got my admission offer from Imperial today. I very much enjoyed each of my sesssions with Mr Kapoor. Your lessons were lot engaging ,practical and energetic than any of my teachers or tutors i have had before. I got A* A* A in Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A-level . You have been a great inspiration for me. Will see you next week.
Shivem Sardana- Queen Elizabeth Leicester
Thank you 6S for my 6S. 🙂 I joined 6S in 2010 for Maths, Chemistry and Physics.I used to go to another tuition place but they had all different age groups and different boards in one class, which i did not find suitable. My cousin recommended me to your place. Totally enjoyed all your lessons and I have finally been accepted at Loughborough with A*AB. Thank for your help and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.
Nupin Sethia – Beauchamp College Leicester
Got an overall A in Maths. Thank YOU for this. Totally enjoyed my lessons except the homework. It contained very difficult questions but i soon realised after getting comfortable with the difficulat questions i was very easily able to tackle the exam questions.The difficult question improved my maths skills and understanding. The mocks were really helpful. I will be on gap year so will soon update you about my plan of action.
Rehal Jaiswal – City of Leicester
Just like to write to thank you for the your efforts in the progress of Rehal. He is doing very well and all thanks to you. We went for his parents evening last week, his predicted grades are very similar to what you have mentioned. Our experience so far has been wonderful but only wish if your admission process was a little transparent. We were still clueless why my daughter wasnt selected for her UKCAT crash course. I can understand that you have to deal with vast number of students but if you can please offer some feedback. Thank you .
Sam Dhillon – City of Leicester
Hello sir, i got my place at Manchester Uni today. Thank you for all your help in last two years.Looking forward to Uni life. You have been an inspiration kept pushing us, i still remember your words ”achieve more and more in life and never settle for mediocrity” I will visit you before i leave for Manchester.
Aksh Laitha- City of Leicester
My son registered for Chemistry and Maths A Level lessons. He found the lessons very interesting and interactive and of great help. We should have started his tuition earlier. He was predicted a very low grade at college and with your help got a B in both. We plan to enrol our daughter from August onwards.
Gurudeep – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
Thought to update you i have received my offer from Aston Uni. Thank you for all your help in my A-level subjects. It could have not been possible without your support. The sessions, home-work and mocks were solid and how can i forget the sarcasm during the lessons.lol!!! Thank you so very much for helping me throughout my A-levels.
Kanika Josal – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
We are delighted to inform that kanika has received her offer for a place at London School of Economics. Your support and constant encouragement has paid off. She couldnt have done it without your support. No wonder Kanika was adamant in her initial days to join 6S Tutorials, inspite the long waiting list. We trust that our younger son enrolled with you will be able to achieve equally good grades. Regards and best wishes.
Amara K – Gateway College Leicester
Thank you 6S Tutorials for your contributions in helping me with my A-Levels. I got a ABB in Maths, Chemistry, Biology. I will be on GAP year for now. Really appreciated your help. Could you please keep me updated on the availability for my brother for his GCSEs.
Komal – City of Leicester
We are glad to share that Komal got AA in Chemistry and Biology.Your help was very important in helping her get such grades and she really enjoyed her lessons at 6S Tutorials.I will definitely recommend your company to others.
Rakesh Chaman – Beauchamp College Leicester
This is the first time i am writing a review of a product. That means you must be way good.=) I would like to congratulate you that Rakesh has got into Queens Mary London. You have stood by your reputation of churning great results. Wish you great success and thank you.
Keshav Baateh- Private Candidate-Nottingham
I was on a gap year to improve my grades in Chemistry and UKCAT. I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with 6S Tutorials.Got a 690 in my UKCAT and secured a place at Reading University. Will surely recommended you to others.
Deborah Baker – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
Thank you 6S Tutorials for your precious help with Kirsty in Chemistry and Biology. She achieved As in both Chemistry and Biology. We are very grateful for your invaluable help.
Harshwinder Singh- City of Leicester
Thank you 6S Tutorials for your help with Harshwinder’s A-Level. He got ABB. He could have done better had we enrolled him earlier in the year. We did call but seems all spaces were taken up. Thank you again. My husband will be visiting you shortly to clear out the outstanding. Harshiwiner will start his lessons from August onwards, we want to make sure he joins in early. He has been extremely pleased with his lessons and is very comfortable with your detailed explanations.
Manav Jha- Beauchamp College Leicester
I registered for A-level Maths with 6S Tutorials and glad to say i got a place the same week. The lessons were very rigorous, interactive and good pace,did a lot of questions in a single lesson compared to the slow pace at college where we end up doing questions on our own. Got into King’s with my A* in Maths. Thank you for your help. Will definitely keep in touch.
Zahra Mujeeb – Gateway College Leicester
Thank you very much 6S Tutorials for all the help you provided to my daughter. She was initially at a D grade in AS-Level Biology and Chemistry, am glad she now has pushed her grade to B in both. At first Zahra never wanted group tuition but after her trial lessons with you she never wanted to go to any other tutor. Thank you once again. My husband will be seeing you shortly to discuss about our younger son. Please try to accomodate him at the earliest before the next term begins.
Kirti Kansal: Guthlaxton College
Thanks a zillion for your help in the two years for my A-Level in Maths and Chemistry. I secured a AAB and got a place at Loughborough University. To anybody and everybody do not do not do not miss your lessons with Mr Kapoor,even though you might have to be on the waiting list for 4 weeks 😉 but do not miss tuition with him. The questions that you sir gave us in the crash course were the most important. Many thanks again.
Karandeep Singh- Beauchamp College Leicester
I finally made into Dentistry. I registered with 6S for my A-Levels. I was previously with ############# where the lessons were very dull. Most of my mates where coming to you for tuition. I was thrilled after my trial lesson. Thank you for all your help in the last 2 years. I am hoping i have made you proud.
Aanchal Patel – Beauchamp College, Leicester
Aanchal got her results today and she will be starting her university from next month. I am very thankful for all the help and guidance she was offered. She got AA and B, she was 1 mark off an overall A in chemistry. This has been a long and pleasant 4 year journey with you since Year 10 for her. She enjoyed every single lesson with you. Thank you again.
Abdul Aziz – Queen Elizabeth College Leicester
Great help, thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. I only wish i started tuition in AS-Level i joined in April for my Core 4,Chemistry was a bit late. Now taking a gap year. But did jump from C in Chemistry to B in those 10 weeks. Really appreciative .
Priya Parmar – Beauchamp College Leicester
Ayesha started her lessons in Biology for her A-Level exams with 6S Tutorials in October 2008.We are very glad that she got an A grade in Biology. We would be glad to recommend you to anybody and everybody. She couldn’t have done it without you.
Zakaria L – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
We were informed about your company by our neighbours.Their daughters attended your tutorial lessons last year. We were also informed that getting admission with yourself would be difficult. We were pleased that Zakaria got admission the same week. He is very happy with all of his lessons. He has been predicted AAA. We would like to extend our gratitude for all your services so far and will make sure that our daughter also registers after the half-term break.
Rajiv Patel – Beauchamp College, Leicester
I am extremely gratified to you for helping my son achieve top results. We are proud of Rajiv’s performance and he couldnt have done it without your support. He started his A-Level tuition with 6S Tutorials, after hearing a lot about you from my nephew and niece. At the time, we already had a tutor coming to our place. But Rajiv found your style of teaching a lot more effective.He achieved three As and a B for his AS-Level. All thanks to you. I will recommend and encourage all parents to send their kids to you, even if they already have a tutor. Just like us. Regards.
Aaliyah – Queen Elizabeth Leicester
I got AAA , yippeeee!! and i got into Nottingham Uni all thanks to you. Now ill miss my lessons with you. A big big thank you to 6S Tutorials.I came today to say my thanks, but there were a lot of parents around, Ill be visiting tomorrow again. Thank you. Regards Ash 🙂
Mehek Mohammed – Leicester College, Leicester
Thank you soooo much for your help. I got an overall A* in maths and B in chemistry. I have decided to take up Pharmacy at DMU, since i plan to stay in Leicester. Your help was hugely appreciated.
Nafeez Ahmed, Private Candidate Leicester
Thank you 6S Tutorials for everything and for the great lessons i had in the 7 months.I managed to push my grades up to an A in Maths. Thank you again. And got into Aston.I will make sure that i remember all your advice future.
Munir Allam- Beauchamp College, Leicester
Thank you for your kind help with Munir. He achieved an AAA and planning to take a gap year to improve his UKCAT score and get some work experience. Munir was very disappointed when he could not get a space in your UKCAT course.We should have registered early. But overall it was a wonderful experience and munir and his friends all enjoyed and always looked forward to your lessons. They all have done very well. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you shortly to register my sister’s son for his A-level.
Kailas Nath – Queen Elizabeth, Leicester
Hello, I cannot thank you enough for all the help you offered me and my brother in the last 3 years. I finally got into my first choice Uni- Warwick. I could have not done it without your help. I achieved an A*, A* , A in my maths, chemistry and biology. Thank you so much for the help in not only in my subjects but also helping me decide the career path. I will be visiting you before i start my Uni.
Gina Trivedi- Queen Elizabeth Leicester
An infinite amount of a gratitude for imparting me all the knowledge and guidance throughout my GCSE and A-level .I got into Medicine at Leicester Uni. You have been the best. All of us wish if we had teachers and mentors like you at our college. And you dont need any recommendations, i think half of QE already comes to you for tuition lol!! Many many thanks for everything. I will definitely keep in touch and update you on all the happenings. Thank you so much again. Best Regards.
Priyal Seth – Beauchamp College, Leicester
Thank you for all the help, i got a ABB compared to my predicted BBC. Even i couldnt believe when i got to look at my grades. Thank you very much for all the help. I am taking a Gap Year and will be doing the UKCAT course with you. Please put my name for it. Thank you again.
Naakesh P – Private Candidate, Leicester
Got my UKCAT score 720. This would have not been possible without your help, your ”smart techniques” were extremely helpful. I used to struggle a lot with time management, i applied all your speed maths ways to all the questions, they all seemed solvable. I think i might have missed out on 4 easy questions in Verbal Reasoning. But am happy with the score, was always aiming at 700 plus to get that extra edge. Thanks. Will update about the outcome of my admission application.
Abhiri Maushiq – Regent College Leicester
Got my UKCAT score 700.Now fingers crossed hoping its good enough for next year to get me into Queen Mary. Your help was highly appreciated,couldnt have done it without it. When do the A2 lessons start ?
Nitesh Patel – City of Leicester College
Mr Kapoor gave us all the strategies and the much needed boost in confidence for Physics. I could have never achieved an A without his help. The Question Bank was of enormous help.Most of the questions you gave us in the class the nights before the exam 70 percent came up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Also sir, please accomodate my sister for her A-Levels , she has been on the waiting-list for 6 weeks now.
Neha Chand – Queen Elizabeth, Leicester
I started tuition with 6S Tutorials from Year 10 onwards right til A-level. Thank you so much for guiding us throughout the years. I learnt more in those 90 minutes than the whole week at college. All my friends and myself are extremely thankful to you for getting us into Uni. Huge thanks 🙂
Umar Mustafa – Beauchamp College, Leicester
Great help ,very efficient , strict and rigorous learning. All that i was looking for, unlike other tutorials or tutors i attended, who just wasted time and watched me do the questions. I went from a C in Core 2 , to an A in my COre 2, Biology and Chemistry re-take, with the help of your Re-Take Crash Course. The questions you mentioned in Biology and Chemistry came up . 🙂 . Got an A in Core 3, Core 4 and Chemistry and B in Biology, two marks off an A. I will definitely be recommending you to others.
Zain Abbas – Regent College, Leicester
I totally enjoyed my Biology ,Chemistry and Maths lessons . I used to hate my lessons at college and never understood a bit but you make it sound so easy and ”logical”. Thank you for helping me achieve an A in Biology , Maths and B in Chemistry.
Alpa – Gateway College, Leicester
Thank you for your help with my AS-Level and UKCAT. I was on the waiting-list for a while but am happy and thankful that you found a place for me in the last crucial weeks before the exam .I got an A in both Biology and Maths and B in Chemistry. Please reserve a place for me for next year, since i dont want to be on th waiting list.
Zara Ahmed – Birmingham .M. College
Really aprreciated your priceless help in UKCAT i achieved a score of 710 and got into Imperial College.
Charlotte – Bishop Grammar School, Birmingham
I was recommended by my aunt in Leicester , the lessons were of massive massive help got a B in Maths for my GCSE.
Suraj Uppal – Queen Elizabeth College , Leicester
I never thought we could look at Maths in any other way. I always wanted to know the reasons, the Whys, Wheres and Hows of the countless formulas in Maths. Thanks to Mr Kapoor, he answered all my queries and introduced me to new ways of problem-solving. I started from a B and achieved an A in my Maths (Core 3 & Core 4) and B in Physics. I hugely appreciate your help.
Harsh Sandhu – Beauchamp College , Leicester
My son was already attending tuition classes at another tutorial on ######## for his GCSEs, we were not pleased with the results. We wanted some one with a definite proof of the success rate, unlike many others who put up false claims. We had heard a lot about 6S tutorials through relatives but we were a not sure about about group tuition, but after the Trial lessons my son was extremely excited about how interesting and interactive the lessons were,better than his college and other tutors we had before. Surj received his results yesterday and he is very delighted about his results AAB, given that many found the biology exam very hard.Thank you so much for your help in the last 9 months for his AS-level. I am hoping my son is still on your rolls, cause we wanted to make sure his place is still reserved for his A2 lessons and our daughter as well for her GCSEs.
Rohan Grewal – GAP Year student
I registered with 6S during my gap year to take up Chemistry Edexcel, i had initially dropped Chemistry in my AS-level, i am very pleased that i got an overall A. I totally enjoyed my lessons compared to my college days. I wish i had joined far earlier. I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives, infact 4 my friends have already registered with you. Thanks again for your precious help.Regards
Bhavna Desai – Gateway College Leicester
Rajesh got accepted in to his first choice university. I would give all the credit to Mr Kapoor for his tireless help throughout the two years right from GCSE through to A-Levels. He has worked very closely with Rajesh, who used to always struggle in Science but surprisingly has now enrolled himself for a Science degree at Durham! We would like to genuinely thank Mr Kapoor for all his efforts.
Ellie Carter – Countesthrope Community College
Just like to thank 6S Tutorials for their efforts in pushing the grades of my children-Kirsty and Alex- from a C to B in Chemistry and Biology. We would have no problems in recommending 6S Tutorials to others.
Poonam Joshi – Leicester High School for Girls
After my Maths and Physics lessons at 6S Tutorials, I could see a vast improvement in my understanding of the subjects. I wish I could have started my lessons a bit earlier.
Vijay Kansal- Gateway College, Leicester
I am extremely grateful to you Mr Kapoor for helping my son realise his potential. You were right 2 years ago that he would change his mind and he did what you told him to.He was overwhelmed with is grades AAA and you were the first person whom he called and we all are glad that he has finally been accepted at Nottingham Uni.A big thank you to you for all your support.
Gemma and Paul Henson – Manor High School, Leicester
Many thanks to 6S Tutorials for helping our two daughters-Becky and Rachel- in Maths and Science during their Year 7 and 8. We are very pleased with their results. Even the teachers have observed a marked improvement in their performance. Thank you once again for taking care of them, it couldn’t have been possible without you, specially given our work schedule.
Vipinder Thethi – Beauchamp College, Leicester
I would like to say a big thank you for all the help you have provided our son Balraj Thethi, presently at Beauchamp College. I remember upon your 1st sessions with our son we as parents were a little apprehensive because we did not know if we would be getting value for money and if your support would have a measurable impact. We are glad to say that these reservations were soon dispelled as Balrajs first comments were that you were an excellent tutor who was very supportive to include the fact you also posed thought provoking challenges. Observing your teaching I was particularly impressed with the way you taught our son to think about different strategies to solve a particular problem and firmly believe Balraj would not have achieved such good results for his GCSEs without your support.I would recommend you to all parents thinking about using your services and will be definitely using you in the future for Balrajs A levels. Kind regards and once again thank you for all the support you have provided.